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If your students or children could record their own audiobooks then:
  • The reading process would be more enjoyable
  • It would encourage them to read more
  • It would help them to become fluent readers
  • You could track their progress over time
  • they would create a memory that lasts forever
  • And additionally; listening to audiobooks improves reading speed, fluency and comprehension

Creating audiobooks is a time consuming task today without the right equipment or tool. It takes a recording device, transferring that file to a computer, then editing the file’s information like book title, reader and a cover picture, before it can be exported as a final audiobook. This is all be made easy in our application in few simple steps.


Parents can record a book for their kids
…or with their kids.

Teachers can record books for struggling readers
…or the entire class.

Parents can record a book for their kids
...and enjoy together

It's Awesome

Sharing with ease

Share the audiobooks through Dropbox, e-mail or iTunes

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About Us

The idea for BookRecorder came about in 2012 when GitGo creator Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson and his 3rd grade students in Iceland were trying to get more and better audiobooks as part of the literacy program “The Daily 5”. One activity for students is to listen to reading but almost no audiobooks were available in Icelandic. They therefore decided to record their own audiobooks using the iPads in the school.
When searching for feasible applications in the AppStore they realized that there weren’t any good applications available to do that easily. When Ingvi Hrannar started studying Entrepreneurship at Lund University he teamed up with Gábor Kiss and Daron Tancharoen to create a company focusing on using technology to allow children to do things they couldn’t otherwise do without it. 

We created GitGo, app development company for education. Contact us if you have an idea for an app or want us to develop your app with you.

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